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Texled Heer M43 Cap, original insignia
Texled Heer M43 Cap, original insignia

: $159.99

Texled Heer M43 Cap Size*:

Product Description
American made reproduction WWII Heer M43 Einheitsfeldm├╝tze. We assemble from with 80/20 wool fabric, made in USA by the now defunct Woolrich mill in PA and original bevo insignia.

Our caps look and fit just like originals- why? Because we dis-assembled an original to make sure these were right. This means the visor curve fits your forehead firmly, the height is correct (9.5-10cm), and they have the fullness in the peak. This allows them to easily be formed with the pinch at the top as was the case when worn by German troops in WWII. Most other reproductions get this right- even the expensive ones lack two minor pattern details which prevents them from fitting like the authentic caps.
All of the small assembly details are accurately duplicated. The visor inserts are split leather (not plastic or cardboard) so they will not crease or snap in two. We include the ear muff loops that so enthrall collectors; both the binding and gray web loop material are actual German WWII production. The wool was made by Woolrich around 2005, and is an 80/20 wool/ poly blend, in the mid-late War grayer shade we developed with them in 1999. Our lining is a medium gray cotton, which is far more comfortable than the rayon (originals used both types).

Made in USA.

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