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SS EM Shoulder Boards
SS EM Shoulder Boards

: $14.99

Upgrade to NCO rank:


Tresse Color (only for NCO ranks)*:

Add LAH Slip on cyphers*:

Product Description

High quality reproduction epaulets. They are black wool on top, field grey underneath and feature wool piping.

1. Choose Waffenfarbe to indicate which branch of service you wish to recreate.
2. If you want NCO ranks (Unterscharführer and above), choose which one and we will sew on the Tresse and add pips if necessary.
3. If you want NCO rank, choose which color of Tresse you would like. Silver or gray.
4. If you are representing the LAH, you cay choose either "LAH" monogrammed shoulderboards in the first drop down, or add the slip on loops.

Waffenfarbe available:

Panzergrenadier/ Infanterie (white)
"LAH" Panzergrenadier (white)
Artillerie (red)
Gebirgsjäger (green)
Aufklärungs (gold)
Feldgendarmerie (orange)
Pionier (black)
Medical (light blue)
Panzer (pink)