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SS EM Insignia Set
SS EM Insignia Set

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Product Description

This Enlisted Man's Insignia Set allows you to choose from all EM ranks, BeVo or embroidered collar tabs, sleeve eagle, EM shoulder boards with your choice of available branch color (Waffenfarbe).

WWII Insignia Facts

Type: Regarding Bevo or embroidered insignia, what is "correct"?
There is the urban myth that Bevo is for cotton uniforms and embroidered is for wool tunics. That is utter and complete BS. They are simply different manufacturing styles. However, collectors generally assume that Bevo insignia did not appear until 1941-42. Thus, early War impressions would use embroidered, but from the mid-War period until the end anything goes.

Matching? Original uniforms often used a mix of insignia- Bevo eagles with embroidered collar tabs and vice-versa. Match or mixed are both 100% historically correct.

Quality: Our embroidered insignia is more realistic than the Bevo. The reason for this is the fact that the old style looms used to make Bevo in WWII are no longer available and the copies must be made on the new equipment which requires polyester thread, rather than the rayon used in WWII. Our Bevo insignia is good, but easily distinguished from originals.

Simply copy use the drop-down boxes to select your options.

Available Waffenfarbe for Shoulderboards:
Infanterie/ Panzergrenadier (white)
Artillerie (red)
Gebirgsjäger (green)
Aufklärungs (gold)
Feldgendarmerie (orange)
Pionier (black)
Medical (light blue)
Panzer (Pink)