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Texled 370 Smock
Texled 370 Smock

: $249.99

Product Description

Reproduction WSS M42 Camouflage Smock in the 1-2 Overprint Planetree pattern, a direct copy of the smock on page 370 of WSS Camouflage Uniforms, Vol. 1 by Lorenzo Silvestri. This exact smock I owned for several years and I have posted photos of it on our site and Facebook from time to time. Ultimately I traded it to the author of the book for a different Tarnjacke.

As the War went on, quality control and many production standards of German industry were disregarded in an effort to increase the quantity of war material. A former prisoner who worked in the factory at Ravensbrück reported that from 1940-1945 the quota of Tarnjacken per shift was increased by 85%. This is easy to see when comparing the fit and finish on authentic examples- early War smocks typically exhibit far better sewing quality than M42's. This particular smock epitomizes "late War" quality. It is in nearly unworn condition, so there is no damage from wear or tear. As was common with most M42's, nearly every piece is made from a different shade or pattern of camouflage. This is not just a result utilizing scraps, but also indicates that their cutters were too pressed for time to shade mark the different rolls of fabric they were using. Most obvious is the use of "44 dot" fabric for the waist and neck bands. Less apparent is a minor improvement- the pattern was changed to place the waistband about 3" lower than most M42's, making the garment more comfortable and practical. To save time, the camo loops were made on a double needle belt loop machine, one of the only times I have ever encountered this on an original smock. Apparently someone in the process was color blind as all loops are "Spring" side out, on both sides of the smock. And much of the assembly was done using not the usual charcoal gray thread, but rather light khaki as is normally used on 44 dot uniforms. Sewing quality is generally atrocious all around- crooked seams, with several areas having been unstitched and re-sewn, and the buttonhole machine was out of adjustment which led to the cords being left literally hanging around the buttons.

ATF's 370: Setting up production of these smocks was a bear. Aside from needing to make parts from six different shades and patterns, which more than doubled the normal cut time, the assembly changes caused quite a few headaches. The results are pretty cool. We copied nearly all of the quirks and peculiarities of the real smock:
-44 dot neck and waistbands
-lower waist
-Plane tree cuffs and pocket flaps
-oakleaf camo loops, made on a belt loop machine, all green side out
-Two shades of Overprint camo, one for the body and another on the forearms
-original dished buttons
-front and rear waistbands are intentionally mis-aligned
-Assembled with 2-4 shades of khaki thread plus a bit of dark gray
-Sewing is not as fugly as that on seen on the original, but it's not the prettiest either.
Regular large size only will fit a 34''-47’’ chest, no extra larges will be made.

Assembled in USA