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Tall M42 Smock, Blurred Edge
Tall M42 Smock, Blurred Edge

: $249.99


Product Description
Spring camo loops
are mostly planetree.
Mostly oakleaf used
for Fall camo loops.
Mixed shades. Model is 6'6"
About 6 years ago I promised a few very tall individuals at Conneaut that we'd make a "long" run of smocks. Well, better late than never. These are made for people over 6'1", who wear a size 36-37 shirt sleeve.

We chose to make these in the most popular model and pattern of our smocks, M42 blurred edge. I took the original size pattern and added 2" in the body and 2" to the sleeve length. The model in the photo is 6'6" to show that these work as they should.

Pattern lengthened 2" Mixed shades Cut out... Done.

Assembled here in the shop using mixed shades and patterns for most of the components. The pockets are made from reed green HBT, and the buttons are original, correctly reinforced with the small scrap of fabric.

Sorry for the price, but overhead here is $25 an hour now- a bit more than the $2-3 in Asia.

Were there long size smocks in WWII? I've never seen one.
Did super tall guys ever have their smocks modified in WWII? It's very possible, but cannot be proven unless one turns up.

Assembled in USA.