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Women's HBT Shirt
Women's HBT Shirt

: $59.99

Women's HBT Shirt Size*:

Product Description
Reproduction of the fatigue shirt issued to women serving in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) in WWII. Made from herringbone twill (HBT) cotton, the shirt has two chest pockets, waist darts and gas flap. These were intended to be worn tucked in, but as with the men's HBT's, were often worn otherwise. These are our own design, copied directly from original examples.

Color: Light Shade. We chose to recreate the earlier spec 320 shirts made in OD No. 8 (light shade) as opposed to the spec 320A's in OD7, because these will match the color of the commonly worn "Daisey Mae" hats.

Sizing: The model in the photos is wearing a size L shirt, that was washed once. She is 5'3" tall and her measurements are 38-27-38.

These are our first venture into women's uniforms, so I spent quite a lot of time comparing sizing tables of companies who specialize in such things. My wife warned me that there is no consistency and she wasn't kidding- one company's "S" is another company's "XL". Sheer lunacy.

So, we decided to adhere to the original dimensions from WWII (we did seriously consider bumping the WWII sizes down one notch (naming the original "S" an "XS" and so forth) but ultimately stuck with the same scale as the Army did many years ago.
These are sized the same as originals.

Simply go by chest measure* and find the corresponding size on the chart.


*Chest is measured around the widest part, over the breasts.