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U.S. Officer Wool Shirt
U.S. Officer Wool Shirt
Insignia, tie, belt and trousers sold separately


Dry Clean Only!

: $89.99

US Officer Wool Shirt Size:*:

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Our officer wool shirt is a copy of the standard field uniform used by Army and Air Corps officers. NCO's and enlisted men sometimes purchased these and wore them as well. They are made from the same mustard wool serge cloth as the EM shirts, but they differ by having epaulets. We copied the originals down to the labels and button color. (Garrison Caps, Wool Trousers and Service Coats are made from a different, heavier fabric, just like originals.)

These are produced for ATF. These are not offered by any other company. Thus any shortcomings or peculiarities of other products have no bearing on ours. We spend quite a bit of time to insure that our uniforms are sized properly- the shirts are no exception.

Fabric: Our shirts are a 70/30 wool/ poly blend. (Originals were 80/20 wool rayon.)

Wear: It is correct to wear them with all field uniforms as well as in garrison. They could be worn on their own, or under the field or jump jackets. The only time these shirts were likely "unauthorized" would be with the "pinks and green" officer service uniforms which have their own shirts. (We do not make pinks and greens because they would be too expensive.)

Neckties: Khaki or Wool ties are correct.

Insignia: Officers wore their rank on the right collar and their branch of service on the left.


(If we made these in USA the price would double.)

Warning! Dry Clean Only!

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