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Mouse Gray Parka
WWII German Mouse Gray Parka

: $149.99

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This was the first pattern of the reversible winter uniform issued in the winter of 1942-43 by the German Army in WWII. This model reverses from "Mouse gray" to white. Our gray was copied directly from a set of unissued WWII winter trousers. (Original, mint condition Mouse gray winter uniforms are actually the most difficult to find.) These feature 19mm pebbled buttons, exact reproduction rayon web belt, storm flap, hood with drawcord, and hip pockets with straight flaps.

ATF's Parkas: Our parkas were copied directly from my original examples. These are not copies of copies. I duplicated the German sizing patterns so they fit like the originals. The outer fabric is densely woven cotton poplin (originals were cotton, rayon or a blend), and the lining is high quality polar fleece. The buttons and waistband webbing are exact reproductions. These are exclusively a ATF products, not a re-labeled special deals from Hong Kong Harry nor Sturm "Stay-Puft" pillow parkas.

Fleece lining?
Why did I choose to "dishonor" history? Price, performance, and visibility. The originals were lined with "Reizwolle"- which is a loosely woven, recycled wool/ cotton/ rayon blend- NOT heavy blanket wool or fine quality tunic fabric. To reproduce it would have increased the cost of these uniforms 50%. That combined with the facts that Reizwolle has poor thermal qualities, if it gets wet it takes forever to dry and, most importantly, it shrinks like crazy (3-4 inches). The fleece is warmer, nearly identical in physical weight, washer dryer safe, and feels the same. Most importantly, there is no way to distinguish any difference unless you cut the parka open. (We did make it the same medium gray color as most Reizwolle.)

Sizing: Yes, these are oversized to allow for clothing to be worn underneath. Order your normal chest size.

Washing: Yes, they are washer/ dryer safe. As always, for least fade and longest life, wash in cold and hang dry. Shrinkage is 1" in the body and sleeves. (Washers and dryers will chip the paint on the buttons.)