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N004 Dck Jact
N004 Dck Jact

: $3,399.99

N4 Deck Jacket Size*:

Product Description

The US Navy made their own version of the Army olive drab field jacket (M1941) for use when the pile lined N1's were too heavy. These were worn both on and off ship, as well as by some Corpsman serving with the Marines. (Some sailors wore Army M41's.) Although externally similar to the field jacket, the N4 was simpler, with no epaulets or bi-swing back. The shell is a tightly woven olive drab no. 7 poplin, with a flannel lining. A number 3 Talon brass zipper is used as the closure. The result is a very comfortable, lightweight jacket.

We made one concession to practicality and price. Our jackets have cotton flannel lining rather than the wool/ rayon blend of originals. The difference in thermal value is minimal, it makes them much cheaper, and allows them to be machine washable. Wool lining would require dry cleaning. Visually, they look identical.

Markings: All of our N4's are sterile without the "U.S.N." stamped on the front. We may get a stamp made if enough people want it, but originals tend to be very faintly and poorly marked (or unmarked), and many people we asked requested no markings. During the War, ship names and/ or numbers, as well as sailor's names and partial serials were sometimes stenciled on the back.

Washer/ dryer safe