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Thompson SMG (Kerr) Sling
Thompson SMG (Kerr) Sling

: $24.99

Product Description
Correct hardware & webbing and
no farby-ass "US" stamps
Comparison with an original

Reproduction of the web sling made the Kerr Adjustable Strap Co..This sling was designed to fit a multitude of weapons, but it's most commonly associated with the M1 and M1A1 "Tommy Guns" of WWII. Made with khaki 1.25" webbing, these can be configured in a number of ways depending on how one wishes to carry or use the weapon. We recommend Google for more photos, videos and details on those.

Our slings are exclusive to ATF- and they are not the incandescent, piss yellow abominations that infest ebay and numerous bargain-bunker sellers. Our slings are identical to the real ones, aside from the lack of the "Nobuckl" logo on the hooks (due to copyright concerns). The hardware isn't paper thin junk, the rivets are neatly rolled, not jagged and sloppy, the webbing is the correct golden tan (these really were khaki rather than OD), it's the same thickness and weave as the originals. And they do not have any cheesy "US" stamps- Kerr slings were NOT stamped!

Length: According to the collector forums, these were made in three lengths. We copied the middle size which should fit M1903 rifles, trench guns, and Thompsons. It fits my Thompson just like the original...probably because that's what we copied. The short end is 14.5" and the long side is 48" (not including the hardware.) Fully extended the sling is 42".

Hardware: Our reproductions use blackened steel. I checked my originals and my "No Buckl" marked ones appear to be brass, while the unmarked ones are steel. Ours are unmarked.

Installation: There is a slight trick to threading these through the sling loops- the buckle will not fit straight through- but the fix is simple and doesn't involve any tools. Simply fasten the hook, then compress the spring and roll it on through. It makes more sense when you're holding it. Been there, done this, felt like a moron for about 4 minutes.