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Planetree 5-6 Zeltbahn
Planetree 5-6 Zeltbahn


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Reproduction of the The Zeltbahn could be worn as a poncho, used individually as a ground sheet to make a lean-to, or, most often, four were buttoned together to make a pyramid tent. However, they were made in a such a way that literally any number could be combined to make larger and larger tents. Both sides were printed in the same "Splinter" pattern camouflage, with one side being notably darker than the other to fit varying light conditions in the environment the troops were operating in.

Each soldier was issued one Zeltbahn, but it's not difficult to find period photos where it'd obvious that the troops often "acquired" one or two extra.

ATF Zelts: These are NOT available from any other vendor! Our new Splinter Zeltbahns are exclusive to ATF. This run took three years to create. First, we had the fine yarn, 100% cotton poplin cloth specially woven to match the WWII fabric. Other reproductions use whatever poplin is available- which is why they absorb water so nicely- normal cloth isn't water repellent. Then we found a printer that could print camouflage in the same repeat sizes as were used in 1940's Germany, so our splinter did not need to be altered to fit existing rollers. Naturally we had the colors matched to authentic samples. Finally, the cloth was treated with Teflon- the best water repellent available for cotton.

For the pattern of the Zeltbahn itself, we used the original schematic from 1936. These will button together with originals as well as one another.

In WWII, the Germans used both cast aluminum and stamped steel buttons. We reproduced the cast type as they do not rust and the edges are not as thin and sharp.

Original Zeltbahns were made with aluminum or zinc grommets. We actually have both- so our Zeltbahns will be one or the other.

We use the latter War grommet pattern, meaning there are single 8mm grommets on the corners and lower center. They work fine. This is seen on original shelter quarters dated 1943-45.


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