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M43 Mixed Oak/ Planetree Helmet Cover
M43 Mixed Oak/ Planetree Helmet Cover

: $69.99

M43 Mixed Oak/PT Helmet Cover Size*:

Product Description
Most original WSS helmet covers exhibit "shading" due to multiple rolls of fabric (which vary in tone) being used indiscriminately during production. A few were made with parts cut from entirely different patterns of camouflage. One of the more commonly encountered varieties are "Type 2" covers assembled from a mix of planetree 5-6 and oakleaf components. Many appear to have been made by the same contractor evidenced by a few minor assembly anomalies, most noticeable being the use of light tan thread, and sloppy sewing (even by WSS camo standards.)

We have reproduced this variation using our Planetree 5-6 and some of our old, US made Oakleaf fabric from 1998. Some of the small pieces may also be made from yet another shade of oak or polyspot. We had the correct light khaki cotton thread, but I had less luck convincing the girls to do jello shots before they started sewing in order to achieve the desired slovenly stitching.

Size 2: Will fit original shells in sizes 62 or 64. It also works well on the reproduction M42's we sell which are marked "66"- but they are actually 65cm.

Size 3: Works well on original size 66,68, and 70 shells. They also fit the IMA and Reddick 68 shells (which are larger than originals.)

Assembled in USA with imported and domestic parts