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SS Cuff Titles RZM
SS Cuff Titles RZM

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SS Cuff Title Wear Sewing tips SS cuff titles should be sewn 14-15cm up from the cuff of the left sleeve on regular tunics, or just under the edge of the turnback cuff on a greatcoat. The ends of the cuff title were usually simply overlapped on the inside of the cuff.

Did you know... Bullion insignia are not just for officers. Hand-sewn bullion insignia were considered "high class", and were available to anyone who could purchase them, including low-rank enlisted men. Officers were expected to foot the bill for their entire wool uniform (their pay reflected this), so this is why the standard was to secure the higher quality insignia.

"Bullion", "Silver" and "Silver Wire" are the same thing.

SS Cuff Titles, BeVo Machine-woven cufftitles. "BeVo" type cuff titles appeared in 1942-43 and gradually seem to have replaced the previous "RZM" style. The backing and lettering are woven together, decreasing production time. The cuff titles of many units formed later in the War (GvB, HJ, etc) were only made in BeVo. Older units (LAH, DR, TK) had both styles and they were used concurrently.