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WSS Cuff Titles

Many troops of the WSS wore cuff bands embroidered with the name of their unit. Although many did not, the main combat divisions and a few regiments had their own unique insignia. There were three basic patterns of cuff titles made during the War.

RZM: This was the initial manufacturing style of the pre-War cuff bands. The name of the unit is embroidered in light gray thread onto a black, woven band.

This appeared later in the War, as a simplified means of production. Both the band and the lettering are woven at one time on a thin rayon ribbon. Many late War units' cuff bands only exist in this style such as "Frundsberg" and "Hohenstaufen".

: In this style, the lettering is hand embroidered on an RZM band bu hand, using silver wire ("bullion") thread. These were hand made, one at a time, so any unit could have exited in this pattern. These were not strictly officer items- any WSS man who wanted to spend the money could purchase one from a tailor or insignia shop.

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