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German Reed Green Trousers
German Reed Green Trousers

: $99.99

Reed Green Trouser Size*:

Product Description

German trousers made from linen/ cotton herringbone twill cloth for use as fatigue/ workwear as well as combat in warmer climates. These trousers were made in a dark green color, referred to as "reed green" today. Their design is similar to that of the standard issue "Keilhosen", although these have a straight leg design rather than the tapered type.

The trousers have provisions for suspenders as well as belt loops, two slash hip pockets, one rear pocket and a watch pocket. They have a higher waist than most modern trousers, a full seat and thighs to permit good freedom of movement.

Buttons are zinc plated steel one of numerous styles seen on originals. Yes, "shiny" metal is correct- the zinc will dull over time.

These are on of the most comfortable trousers we have had- the fabric is soft, and the cut makes them great for work or field pants- just as intended. Our fabric is the proper weight- approximately 9 ounces per yard. This contrasts with many reproductions made from paper thin Kleenex style material.

All inseams are 33"

Machine washable. Shrinkage about 1.5" in length (waist will not shrink appreciably, just leg length.)

50/50 Linen/ Cotton