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Reed Green M43 Tunic
Reed Green M43 Tunic

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Reed Green M43 Tunic Size*:

Product Description

Reproduction M43 German tunic made from herringbone twill cloth. Although several models of HBT uniforms existed for most of the War, they were relatively uncommon until 1943-44. Made in the dark "reed green" color cloth, externally these Feldblusen are nearly identical to the wool versions aside from only having two belt hook stations rather than four.

Inside, the lining is only used as reinforcements to back the pocket flaps, armpits and so forth. The rectangular pocket at the hem for the first aid dressing is also present. One unique feature of these uniforms are the removable buttons- those on the pockets and placket are attached to "S" rings rather than stitched on.

These are a Heer (Army) uniform.

For the social media historians who have never
seen real, WWII original reed-green uniforms;
Yes, our color is very much correct.

As with most of our garments, these are exclusive to ATF. No other company has these particular reproductions. Our tunics were made directly from one of my unissued originals, and we took care to include all the details and duplicate the cut which most companies fail to do. WWII "Drillich" fabric was linen or a cotton/ linen blend, and relatively thick, similar to denim. Our cloth is like that from 1943-45, a tough, durable material- not the paper towel weight found on many other reproductions. The contractor really hit the rayon lining dead-on. The color and weight are perfect.

Color: The October 2023 run is somewhat lighter than the previous one- a bit more field gray and less green. Yes, these "match" the reed green trousers that came in this Summer 2023. Originals were made in a number of shades, just like the wool and camouflage uniforms.

Same as our wool tunics- patterns were made from original uniforms, not based off of a suit coat like most. The shoulders are made properly, the sides of the tunic don't fly up like a hoop skirt when one raises their arm, and the sleeves are the correct diameter- they don't fit like condoms.

Sizing: At this time, we don't have any length options. However, the length does increase slightly as the sizes get larger. After washing, the sleeves will be approximately: S 33", M-L 34", and XL-XXL 36".

Care: These are machine washable. The best method is to button the front, flip the tunic inside out, then wash cold. Hang dry. NO BLEACH!

The S-rings are cute and clever, but can be a genuine bastard to use. (Turning the garment inside out minimizes the paint chipping.)

Insignia? These used the standard Heer insignia, just like wool Feldblusen. Most originals one sees have the "generic" mouse gray Litzen and the Bevo "M43" breast eagles. Occasionally one will see an "M44" eagle. Yes, original HBT shoulder boards exist, but they're very rare. These tunics typically used the regular wool shoulder boards in both field gray and bottle green. There's no one and only correct type. Sorry.

Insignia sewing: We no longer sew any insignia. See the Vendors page about mid-way down- there's a section for people who do custom sewing.