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M43 Paratrooper Field Trousers
M43 Paratrooper Field Trousers

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Reproductions of the Field trousers modified by airborne divisional riggers for Paratrooper use. Heavy olive-drab canvas cargo pockets and leg ties were added to allow more equipment and ammunition to be carried on airborne operations. Made with OD7 shade 100% cotton sateen cloth, treated with a durable water repellent finish that is invisible and does not affect the feel in any way. The press snaps on the cargo pocket flaps are American made Scovil products. As with originals, the pocket material is heavier cloth and a slightly different color than the fabric of the trousers.

Note: The buttons on the new 2018-19 run are a lighter color- this is not a mistake. Original M43 trousers used buttons in a variety of shades, with earlier production trousers (1943) tending to have tan or brown instead of the darker OD of later (1944) production. Yes, I promise they're ok. I'll get new pics up when I can.

Size Notes:
These are 4" larger than marked, but they shrink 2" when washed.
(Modern pants are 2" larger than marked.)

Example: I wear size 34's. These 34's were too big on me- until I washed them. After that, they're fine.

Washing: Cold wash and hang dry is best, but a dryer won't hurt them.


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