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M3 Trench Knife
M3 Trench Knife

: $39.99


Product Description

Reproduction of the famous M3 Trench Knife. This particular copy was based on an early M3 made by "Imperial" which used black plastic discs at the guard and pommel on the handle.

These were introduced in 1943, and initially issued to troops armed with M1 Carbines in lieu of bayonets (since Carbines had no bayonet lug until 1945.) As with many handy items, these were quickly acquired by thousands of soldiers regardless of what weapon they carried. The early knives were equipped with M6 leather scabbards, which were then superseded in 1944 with the M8 fiberglass type.

These reproductions are imported but of good quality. How close are they to originals? See the comparison photo. These are copied from the early M3's made by Imperial with 8 groove handles and black spacers at the guard and pommel. (Ten different firms made M3's in WWII, and each had their own manufacturing variations.)

Blades are 440 stainless, blued, 6.75 inches in length. These knives are lightly oiled so it may be a good idea to wipe them down before use.

This knife does NOT come with a scabbard. Those are listed separately as we have several variations to choose from.

Note! This is NOT a bayonet. It does not have a provision to fit on any rifle. However, there is a bayonet for the 1945 and later M1 Carbines: the "M4 Bayonet."


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