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Postwar Parts Paratrooper Helmet
US WWII M1C Paratrooper Helmet

: $149.99

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Product Description

US paratrooper helmets as worn by members of the 11th, 17th, 82nd, and 101st Airborne Divisions during World War II. We create these by converting US military issue steel pots into WWII jump helmet configuration. Externally, they look identical to WWII jump helmets. Comes completely assembled and ready to wear. (You may have to adjust the sweatband to fit your head.)

-Helmet: US military issue M-1 steel pot, postwar manufacture, rear-seam, refinished in W.W.II dark olive drab and refitted with khaki paratrooper chinstraps
-Liner: Plastic reproduction (yes, nets will fit) with sweatband, chinstrap and nape strap
-A-yokes & chin cup (ATF Reproduction)

The steel helmets are NOT brand new.

We cannot guarantee these to be completely free of dings, small cracks, scratches, or a rough spots.
All U.S. helmets are assembled using military surplus steel pots, meaning they saw service in the past- they were not stored in a shock-proof-vault-just-for-u. Some evidence of use is likely.

US Helmet "Sizes"

Unlike German helmets and modern day Kevlars, the M-1 M-1C and M-2 helmets and liners come in only one size. The sweatband in the liner adjusts to fit your head via a slide buckle like some baseball caps. Thus, one size fits all. If you get a helmet and it's too tight, you simply need to adjust the sweatband. It's very, very simple.