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German M31 Canteen Cover
German M31 Canteen Cover

: $39.99


Product Description
M31 Canteen Cover. Hand sewn
leather loops.
Correct wool felt
and pattern.
Prym snaps and original
binding cloth.
Proper reinforcements on
the loops and bottom stud.

The best reproduction covers for WWII German Model 31 canteens. Despite their apparent simplicity, these blasted things have taken years to recreate properly. Per square inch, they are at the top of the pain in the booty list.

The biggest obstacle was finding the correct wool felt. Once that was done, it was a matter of correcting the plethora of minor errors that every other reproduction seems to make.

First, the leather loops that hold the strap in place is made from the proper type, thickness and width of leather (not vinyl or PU) and hand stitched with linen thread- as opposed to machine sewn with bright polyester cord. Then the stud on the bottom has to be attached to a reasonably thick piece of scrap leather lest it pull through the felt during use. Lastly, the snaps are Prym brand in the correct size, not the chunky things that look like Big Macs. As a small touch, the gray binding used to reinforce the edge under the snaps is original WWII German material.

These fit the standard issue .75 liter M31 canteen flasks- and should work on the reproductions (although we won't guarantee that due to the inability of certain manufacturers to measure.)