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P08 Luger Holster
P08 Luger Holster

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Product Description

New reproduction of the WWII "hardshell" holsters for the P08 Luger pistols. These are made from genuine leather, wet formed, and hand stitched just like those made 70 years ago.

We have nearly a year improving the manufacturer's design so that it finally matches the originals- unlike most reproductions, these are not 20% too large which leads to the pistol flopping and rattling about whenever one moves. They are also made with the correct steel hardware (not brass or copper one often encounters).

What all fits in these? P08 Luger, Walter P38, Browning HP, and P35 Radom all work. Colt M1911 does NOT fit. Nor does an Iphone8.

Marked "ATF 40", P08, and Waffenamted.