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Army Denim Work Jacket
Army Denim Work Jacket

: $74.99

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Product Description

Prior to WWII, the US Army used blue denim uniforms for work, fatigue and training duty. Starting in late 1941, these began to be supplanted and ultimately replaced, by the green herringbone twill uniforms. The denim uniforms remained in use for some time and do appear sporadically in wartime photos, usually in those taken during training in the United States.

Our denim jacket is a reproduction of the M1940 denim jacket that replaced the earlier pullover version. They are simple button up work jackets, with two patch pockets on the hips. Our jackets were copied directly from an unissued original and duplicate the fabric weight, color and feel (stiff), as well as the white thread, two-needle chain stitching, correct spec labels and reproduction WWI zinc buttons. 100% cotton.

Are these right? Yes. How anyone jacks these up is a mystery to me. They are one of the simplest garments possible. Our pattern was based off of an unissued original size 40 and I graded it from there. (The fit & sizing are similar to M41 Field Jackets). After shrinking, the sleeves of S-L are equal to those on a 33-34" shirt while those on XL+ are 35-36".
These share absolutely zero DNA with any other reproduction.


Care: These are washer dryer safe, but for longest life we recommend cold wash/ hang dry.

Shrinkage: The sleeves and body will shrink about 1.5" after the first wash/ dry.