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1st Pattern HBT Jacket
1st Pattern HBT Jacket

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Product Description
1st pattern HBT jacket, used by the US Army, Air Corps, and some Marines.

During the 1930's, the US Army's work/ fatigue uniform was made from blue denim. Just prior to WWII, the impracticality of such clothing became painfully obvious and a new design was created using a light green herringbone twill fabric. Referred to as the "1st pattern (sometimes 1st model)" HBT uniform, production began in 1941 and continued until the end of 1942 when it was replaced with a simpler design (2nd pattern). The 1st Pattern HBT's were worn throughout WWII and are occasionally seen in Korea. For more information see the WWII HBT uniform page.

Our jackets feature all the details of the originals: pleated breast pockets, 13 star tack buttons, side adjustment tabs, spec labels, by-swing back and button down cuffs etc, etc. These are oversized like the WWII Jackets. Originals were sized to, theoretically, fit over the wool uniform. Jackets will have a sleeve length of approximately 35".

Shrinkage: Minimal. By that I mean about 1/2 inch.
Material: 100% cotton herringbone twill in sage green. The color is a dead-on match to originals. Unlike our US made fabrics we used in the past, this material has never had any sort of colorfastness problems. Sad, but true. These uniforms are imported.

Washing instructions: We recommend cold wash (machine or hand) and hang dry for all cotton uniforms. These uniforms will survive washing in warm or hot water and machine drying, such actions will speed up fading and decrease the life of the garment(s).


If we made these in the USA, we'd have to buy the fabric in Asia anyway (the US mills are all gone) and the price would triple.