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Light Shade HBT Jacket
Light Shade HBT Jacket

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Product Description
In late 1942, the Army introduced the "simplified two piece suit"- commonly referred to as the "2nd pattern HBT uniform" by collectors. This was to simplify and improve upon the first herringbone twill design from the previous year. The jackets went through a slight change- the first run, spec 45B, made at the end of 1942, retained the yoke at the upper back from the earlier jacket. A short lived 45C was then made which added the gas flap, and finally, in the Spring of 1943, the spec 45D, dropped the yoke.

At this same time, for improved concealment purposes, the decision was made to change the color from the light sage green shade, to the darker olive drab number 7. Manufacturers were to use existing stocks of the sage green fabric until exhausted, then make the switch to the new shade, which led to both colors being used to manufacture spec 45D jackets simultaneously during the first half of 1943. Although the cut of the jackets was identical, the Army gave the two colors different stock numbers.

The light shade uniforms were issued concurrently with the OD7 versions- it is highly probably that many soldiers wore suits of mixed colors (light trousers, OD7 jacket etc). These uniforms were general issue to all soldiers of the US Army and were worn until the end of the War.

For more info and photos of originals, see out blog post About WWII HBT Uniforms.

Our reproductions were made directly from an unissued original and they have all of the same details. Large cargo pockets with side gussets, gas flap, 13 star tack buttons, spec label, and double needle construction. Fit is very baggy- the HBT uniform was designed to allow it to be worn over the field jacket in some circumstances.

Sizing: As these are a loose fitting field uniform, we opted to use S, M, L, sizing rather than every chest size.

Wear: The Army decreed these to be a work, training and field uniform. It is not dress or parade wear.

Insignia: Yes and no. Most, but not all, line units appear to have eschewed insignia in combat.

100% cotton.