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1st Pattern HBT Trouser
1st Pattern HBT Trouser

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Product Description

During the 1930's, the US Army's work/ fatigue uniform was made from blue denim. Just prior to WWII, the impracticality of such clothing became painfully obvious and a new design was created using a light green herringbone twill fabric. The OQMG decided to use the same pattern as khaki summer service pants for the new HBT models. Referred to as the "1st pattern (sometimes 1st model)" HBT uniform, production began in 1941 and continued until the end of 1942 when it was replaced with a simpler design (2nd pattern). The 1st Pattern HBT's were worn throughout WWII and are occasionally seen in Korea.

ATF Reproductions: The 1st Pattern trousers have 4 internal pockets, button fly, belt loops, and straight legs. There are a couple of variations encountered on authentic WWII trousers- the pockets can be made from white twill or the same HBT as the shell, and several types of buttons were used by the different contractors. We chose white twill lining and the typical 13 star tack buttons. Our fabric is 100% cotton HBT, dyed to match an original, unissued, unfaded example.

For more information see the WWII HBT uniform page.

Sizing: Our trouser waist sizes run 2-3 inches larger the marked size, just like nearly all other modern pants (they lie about how thin you are.) Levi's, Docker's, J. Crew, LL Bean, 5.11's, etc are the same way.

So, what size do I wear?

1. If one wears a "size 34" in Gap jeans, Docker's, etc, etc, then our size 34 will work.
2. However, suit pants, some work pants and original WWII trousers do NOT lie. If one wears a 34 in originals, or their waist tape measures 34 inches, then they can wear our 32.
Shrinkage warning: Like all cotton pants (or shirts) the inseam will shrink when washed. Our inseams are accurate, 34" when new. Final shrinkage is 1.5-2 inches on the inseams. Do not hem them until after they have been washed!

Washing instructions: We recommend cold wash (machine or hand) and hang dry for all cotton uniforms.