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Army Officer Khaki Shirt
Army Officer Khaki Shirt

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Army Officer Khaki Shirt Size

Product Description
Reproduction WWII US Army Summer Service Shirts. These were standard issue throughout the War to all troops in the Army and Air Corps. Early in the conflict, especially in the Pacific, "Khakis" were the warm weather field/ combat uniform until that job was taken over by the HBT's. Our shirts were copied from a new condition original example using 8 oz. cotton twill in Khaki no. 1 shade.

Officer Shirt: Commissioned officers often wore shirts with epaulets. There is a WIDE variety of details among original officer shirts most were "private purchase", and all sorts of collar, cuff, and pocket styles were tolerated. That said, we chose the safe route and made these identical to the regular shirt aside from epaulets and labels.

Insignia? Anything goes. Officers usually at least pinned their rank on the collar. It seems most common in period photos to see them largely devoid of any other adornment, but some troops did wear unit patches and a few added awards and decorations.

Fit: Unlike some other reproductions, our sizes do NOT "run small". To the contrary, I had the necks and sleeves made slightly over size to allow for shrinkage. If one wears a half size then order DOWN.
Example: For someone who wears a 16 1/2, then order a 16.

Color: Yes, the Army khaki shirts, Army khaki trousers, Army khaki neck ties and Army khaki garrison caps are all made from the same color fabric, but there may be slight variances in the shade due several different dye batches having been involved in production. This simply is a normal characteristic of vat dyed fabric and our garments match one another more closely than most original WWII examples. It's a historical fact that the uniforms worn in WWII came in a wide range of shades.

Care: Machine or hand wash cold/ hang dry for longest life. Shrinkage is about 1" in the sleeve and body length.