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Army Khaki Necktie
Army Khaki Necktie

: $14.99


Product Description
Cotton twill neck ties for our 2021 Army Khakis (Summer Service Uniforms). They are also perfectly correct for wear with wool and flannel shirts.
100% cotton
These are 56 inches long and 4 inches at the widest point.
Color: Yes, the Army khaki shirts, Army khaki trousers, Army khaki neck ties and Army khaki garrison caps are all made from the same 8 oz. 100% cotton twill cloth in US Army khaki shade no.1 color. That said, extremely discriminating types might (or might not) be able to detect very minor shade variations among the thousands of garments. This is a physical fact of vat dyed fabric and our garments match one another far more closely than most original WWII examples.