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  • U.S. Buttons

    U.S. Buttons

    We offer a wide variety of US WWII uniform buttons. Several styles are available in both original and reproduction. Important! With billions of buttons made during WWII, they vary widely. For example, shirt buttons alone came in multiple shades of tan, mustard, caramel, and olive. Compounding that, there are further variations in hole sizes, spacing, thread channels, rim styles and finish. If you are trying to replace a few missing buttons on a uniform (original or reproduction) it is very unlikely that ours will be an exact match.
  • German Fabric

    Notes about German Fabrics

    We use many different fabrics in our operation. Most are difficult, time consuming and expensive to obtain, some are proprietary and a few are original which we cannot replace. Therefore, the majority of our fabrics are reserved exclusively for our own products.
    Only the fabrics on this page are available by the yard. If it's not on here, then we do not offer it for sale.

    Fabric is NOT returnable! Once we have cut it, it's yours.
    We will gladly send you a swatch. Just ask.
  • Thread and Laces


    This is the thread we use on our uniforms and gear. All is made in the USA by Coates or A&E, much of it being custom dyed for us to match originals. Of our threads, the only stock color you can find in a store is the black. (The original German thread is made in Germany.)

    Quantity: We have wound it onto wooden, period looking bobbins that look fine in your sewing kit or repair box. Each contains about 50 yards of thread- we use the bobbin filler attached to one of our sewing machines- which doesn't have any sort of counter- so it's not an exact quantity- we simply wind until the bobbin looks full. I reeled off two of our bobbins and one had 57 and the other had 64 yards of thread. So that's how I arrived at "approximately 50 yards." This is enough for most any repairs or sewing insignia. (The size 110 thread is much thicker so I estimated 30 yards.)

    Some thread is 100% cotton and some is cotton wrapped- which means there's a center core that is polyester with cotton fibers covering it. Unless it's burned, there is no way to detect the polyester. It's not visible.
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Field Gray Wool Field Gray Wool
per yard $34.99
US Wool Serge Cloth US Wool Serge Cloth
per yard $39.99
44 Dot Camouflage, sateen 44 Dot Camouflage, sateen
per yard $24.99
Sale Price: $15.00
You save $9.99!
S-Ring S-Ring
: $0.99
D-Hook D-Hook
: $2.99