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Texled "Tropical" MP40 Pouches
Texled "Tropical" MP40 Pouches

: $149.99

Product Description

MP40 38/40 pouches came in literally dozens of variations- this is one of the rarest and probably the most sought after- olive canvas with tan webbing. "Webbed" pouches were made throughout the entire War in medium gray, dark gray, field gray, olive, blue-gray and every type and shade of webbing was used at some time or another- but this color combination is regarded as "pure tropical" by the collecting community. In truth, these pouches were used in all theaters where the Germans fought in WWII.

Our pouches use exact reproduction German WWII 16mm, 18mm and 25mm webbing, steel tips, HBT web flaps, and 100% cotton canvas. We have included several minor details- like the "H" pattern stitching on the closure loops and the HBT reinforcing on the raw end of the belt loops. Sewn with linen and cotton thread.

All pouches are test-fitted with real MP40 magazines.

Materials made in USA, pouches partially assembled overseas. (If we did the hand-sewing here the price would double or triple.)