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Texled FG42 Sling
Texled FG42 Sling

: $79.99

Product Description
Exact reproduction of the slings issued with the FG42 (Fallschirmjägergewehr) rifle. Essentially a modified rifle sling fitted with the snap hook from the MG34/42 straps. Our slings are not the luscious painted water buffalo gems offered elsewhere- these are made with exact reproduction German sling hardware and American leather, embossed with the proper cross hatch pattern.

Yes, I was able to copy an original FG sling- a friend of mine who owns several of these rifles was kind enough to bring several slings to a show for me to examine, measure and photograph. Like all things German WWII, there are minor variances between them. So, if you happen to actually find a rela one, some have the keepers, others do not, and the length varies slightly. Ours are 24mm wide x 120cm long.