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Texled Type 2 FG42 Sling
Texled Type 2 FG42 Sling

: $79.99


Product Description
Exact reproduction of the slings issued with the later "Type 2" FG42 (Fallschirmjägergewehr) rifle. Essentially a modified rifle sling fitted with the snap hook from the MG34/42 straps. Our slings are not the luscious painted water buffalo gems offered elsewhere- these are made with exact reproduction German sling hardware and American leather, embossed with the proper cross hatch pattern.

Yes, I was able to copy an original FG sling- a friend of mine who owns several of these rifles was kind enough to bring several slings to a show for me to examine, measure and photograph. Like all things German WWII, there are minor variances between them. On the new batch (end of 2021) we omitted the keeper as most originals (including the 3 I handled) do not have them.

Stamped "gyb 1943" with the correct WA. This is the code for Bauer, Wilhelm, Friedr., GmbH, Lederwarenfabrick, Offenbach. They are a common manufacturer of MG slings- none of the FG42 slings I have examined had legible maker marks.

Made in USA (Hand stitching done overseas)