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The name Texled is an amalgamation of the German words for Textile and Leather...Textil + Leder = Texled. We created this in 2012 as a product line name for the reproduction German uniforms we were manufacturing as well as the then new line of field equipment. Both were intended to be the best quality one could produce in the 21st Century.

Ten years on, the garments have been discontinued due to the extreme cost. However, gear and boots have thrived.

"Texled" items are the best quality we have to offer. Many are made using a high percentage of American or European materials. A few even use original WWII parts. Most are assembled overseas due to the immense labor time required to manufacture the Axis boots and equipment.

Occasionally another company uses the name on their products, but they are not the same thing at all. We do not wholesale these items and none of the manufacturers or subcontractors offer them online since we control the raw materials.
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